We’re pleased that the SA government is taking measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19. It is paramount though that we all take action to flatten the growth curve of the coronavirus. If not for ourselves, then for the people in our community and the world at large that are at high risk of severe complications because of the disease.

If there is one thing South Africans do well it’s overcoming challenges. Let’s all play our part and nip this thing in the bud! 

Working Remotely

In line with recommendations by the World Health Organisation among others, we are practising social distancing to help curb the spread of COVID-19. As of yesterday and until further notice we are working remotely from our respective homes or safe places of choice. All of us at Melhor will remain available to assist you via email. Business hours are unchanged (9am - 5pm). As for order dispatch, the delivery dates will be affected by about 5 days. However, we ask for your understanding for the impact that the coronavirus will have on our team’s family, specifically their children as a result of school closures. You might hear some excitement in the background. :-) 

Help Contain COVID-19

 The spread can be slowed, public health professionals say, if people practice “social distancing”. According to the Washington Post, if people are less mobile and interact with each other less, the virus has fewer opportunities to spread.

 If possible, please encourage your colleagues to work remotely too. We are ready to assist you in advising on ways to maintain and optimise your telephonic availability, and to make any changes to your phone system you require. We also wrote this article on a couple of phone setup scenarios for working from home that you might find handy.

Stay safe,